​Before hiring a professional genealogist make sure you have done all your homework by gathering everything you know, asking your parents, grand parents, and searching through your attic for old picture and documents. It can be frustrating and expensive both yourself and the professional you hire if after hours of work, you are given the information, and you say "I knew that". 


Can your pen keep up with your brain? Masterful phrasings are like fireflies: one must capture them immediately or risk chasing and losing sight of them forever.   

Luann Hughes-DeVries is a professional genealogist based out of west Michigan in the USA. She has also traveled to many countries taking pictures for her clients, and as a tour guide bringing people back to their ancestral homeland.  She is also a member of APG (Association of Professional Genealogist) and many other societies and organizations, with over 25 years of experience. 

Brain dump.

~Macatawa Bay Area~

~History & Heritage~ 

               by luann hughes-devries

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